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Constructing data capable of implementation on review platform

Xebec transports collected paper probative documents from litigant company to scanning center where “digitization” will be done.
“Digitization” does not mean just scanning paper documents. First, collected documents should be arranged, classified again and clarified relationship between documents. Accuracy of the classification and arrangement leads to quality at coding and creating loadfile. Xebec considers method of classification suitable for review platform provided by many discovery-related companies, classify and arrange documents properly. This arrangement know-how is also one of important qualities Xebec has acquired.

Xebec’s paper documents scanning

Xebec roughly classifies “Scanning” service to two processes as follows.



We classify collected documents according to content or attribute. At this time, we verify relevance between evidential documents and construct information structure for appropriate coding.


We digitize all the classified documents by scanning. Saving format will be decided depending on specification of platform.

Ensuring quality of peripheral work

For implementation of scanning service, peripheral work and flow need to be arranged. Our “Scanning service” includes the peripheral work and the quality. Xebec is engaged in daily work for everyone to order and entrust work at ease and achieve quality.

Paper Probative Document Management

How to manage paper probative documents is also important quality of “Paper Discovery Service” in performing scanning service. In digitization, extremely huge quantities of documents are collected. We must manage to avoid incident such as loss or information leakage on thousands to tens of thousands of paper documents. Xebec’s Litigation Support team will take responsibility for document management as a dedicated team of international litigation and e-discovery.

“On-site” Scanning service

There might be too highly-used documents to take out of the office or classified documents similar to confidential information in evidential documents needed for digitization. Xebec offers “On-site” service as an optional service for that.
In “On-site” scanning service, the work needs to be completed accurately within limited time and space provided by litigant company.
Therefore Xebec sends necessary scanners for digitization and dedicated staff team that acquired necessary work method and process management for the service. We provide a system that digitization will be completed certainly within limited opportunity.

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