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Strength of Xebec 07 Quick Delivery Available

"Strict observance of delivery deadline" ,the most important thing in e-discovery

In e-discovery, from information specifying to electronic information submission are needed to be completed, following e-discovery procedure called EDRM: Electronic Discovery Reference Model.
If it is not possible to submit electronic information within determined period (period agreed by mutual litigant parties), severe punishment may be imposed on you by being considered as cover-up of evidential information.
Xebec, a specialty company of e-discovery, understands penalty for late submission as grave defects and strengthen "strict observance of delivery deadline" as professional.

EDRM:Electronic Discovery Reference Model


Why we achieve quick delivery

Xebec has been working on on-site scanning at government offices and so on throughout company history.
On-site work depends largely on client's convenience such as schedule and size of work area because we use their space for the work, for example conference room etc.
Sometimes the scanning has to be done on weekend for 2 days because client reviews the documents on weekdays.
To achieve all services within limited time, all processes and operations should be worked together effectively at a completed rated.
Our quick delivery is supported by every single "on-site" work and know-how we have gone through within limited time.

Please contact us for inquiries on e-discovery-specific ”Paper probative document scanning service (Paper Discovery)”
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