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Strength of Xebec 02 Located in Japan

Xebec is a "Paper Discovery Service"
specialty company located in Japan

  • Xebec is a “Paper Discovery Service” specialty company handling affairs all over Japan.
  • That means we are close to companies targeted for “Paper Discovery”.
  • We provide the best service for environment in Japan on behalf of clients who do not know well about situation in Japan.

Paper probative documents in the field of e-discovery undoubtedly relates to a case involving Japanese company. We have been engaged in many scanning projects as a specialized company for paper probative document scanning, located in Japan, and realized one thing. That is “To entrust paper document scanning in Japan to Japanese company is the best way”. We offer proper and precise service of digitization in the best way for environment in Japan on behalf of clients in Western countries.

Tokyo Office
TOC Ariake East Tower 9F, 3-5-7 Ariake, Koto-ku, Tokyo 135-0063
Document Office
Nomura Real Estate Osaka Bldg 8F, 1-8-15 Azuchi-machi, Chuo-ku, Osaka City, Osaka 541-0052
Okayama Office (Digital Pro Center Okayama)
City Land Bldg 1F, 1-11-9 Ima, Kita-ku, Okayama City, Okayama 700-0975

Merit to use a "Paper Discovery Service" specialty company located in Japan

Why should you use the “Paper Discovery Service” specialty company located in Japan? There are definite reasons as below.


Ability to “read” Japanese

To “read” is considered to be the most fundamental requirement in handling important paper documents. Inability to understand the contents is none other than keeping various risks. After all, to “read” Japanese thoroughly is essential.


Cutting cost and time for traveling

It is possible to reduce time and cost for travel if the specialty company is in Japan. If there are companies that can achieve adequate digitization in Japan, these time and cost for travel will become irrelevant.


All can be done without taking documents abroad (Securing privacy)

Today when each company has a bunch of its original technology and know-how, information leakage may be defect to be avoided most.
Therefore, company does not take their documents out of the office even though they become a litigant company. Even in Japan where is relatively safer, people get nervous.


“On-site” is available

We can go to litigant company and work on-site because we are also in same country, These are because everything is close,



To use the "Paper Discovery Service" specialty company
located in Japan enables you to reduce your risks.

Please use the paper probative document
scanning service for e-discovery provided by Xebec,
a specialty company located in Japan.

Please contact us for inquiries on e-discovery-specific ”Paper probative document scanning service (Paper Discovery)”
+81-3-5564-2051 Monday-Friday 9:00AM to 5:30PM -not available on weekends and Japanese Holidays
24/7/365 available e-discovery paper probative document scanning service Free consulting Estimation request
Strengths of Xebec