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Paper probative document scanning service for e-discovery Paper Discovery Service

In e-discovery, litigant parties have to submit their evidential information to the court and disclose each other.
For this reason, huge documents need to be sorted and digitized in a short term.
However, if the evidential documents are papers, they need to be scanned and sorted out in appropriate way as electronic data.
We offer a suite of outsourcing services associated with paper probative document scanning as “Paper discovery service”.

Paper Discovery Service Service flow

  • START Meeting & Response plan designing

    In-depth meeting with integrated vendors and litigation attorneys is necessary for performance of “Paper Discovery”. We, in detail, ask about an outline of intended probative documents and the specification of review platform.

  • STEP01 Paper probative  document “Collection”

    Dedicated staff in Xebec visits litigant company to collect and transport necessary evidential documents. Xebec tackles meeting with technical terms and on-site direction without hesitation.

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  • STEP02 Scanning

    Collected paper probative documents are transported to our technical laboratory. We scan all documents sheet by sheet, digitize it, sort the data as necessary and prepare all the data for implementation on review platform.

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  • STEP03 Coding & Loadfile

    We convert all prepared data to source code for implementation on review platform. Along with coding data, loadfile is also created and delivered with description of data association.

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“Ease” as a company specialized in e-discovery support

We guarantee the following merits as a company specialized in e-discovery support.

  • Very familiar with e-discovery Xebec has correct knowledge about the system including structure of system, rule, moral and penalty as a company specialized in e-discovery support.
  • Located in Japan Precisely because we are located in Japan, it makes it possible to collect and digitize paper probative documents faster and at lower cost than any companies in foreign countries.
  • Fluent in English and
    technical terms
    Since English speakers are available at Xebec, there is no language barrier at meeting with clients. Besides, we understand technical terms based on our long experience as an a company specialized in e-discovery support.
  • Advanced information management system Digitization of paper probative documents is confidential work. In order to block leaking of confidential information, we construct our own security framework and seek collateral relief.
  • Decipherable capability of Japanese If you have difficulty to read contents in paper documents, you get confused to see where a string of document starts and ends. Xebec is an Japanese company. There is no risk resulting from inability to understand Japanese.
  • Considerable “On-site”
    projects experience
    We are good at “On-site” project by accumulated technologies and know-how in the history of Xebec. Our dedicated team approaches on-site digitization at client’s request.
  • Quick delivery available We understand how big the risk resulting from late delivery is as an a company specialized in e-discovery support. This is why we are aimed at streamlining and organizing works in all areas, and strictly observing delivery deadline.
  • Litigation Support DepositionPrinting We know structure and importance of discovery so well. We promise our responsible service because we know how hard it is if the documents don't arrive before deposition.

Paper Discovery Service Basic knowledge for merit maximization and correct order