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Strength of Xebec 03 Fluent in English and technical terms

English communication is available

If you need paper probative document scanning in the process of e-discovery, most of outsourcing companies will be out of Western countries. For this reason, English communication capability greatly affects the work quality in having meeting and collecting paper probative documents. Many English speakers are assigned to our e-discovery professional team. A system capable of English communication is always available.

Technical terms in English are also available

Xebec has one more big difference with other companies. That is comprehension of technical terms regarding e-discovery. We are a company specialized in e-discovery support with sufficient response capability for the technical terms of e-discovery.
Also, we conduct periodical professional training on e-discovery and international justice system. Accordingly staff’s knowledge and response capability constantly maintain standards that can work on the cutting edge of this industry. We do not need explanation in plain languages. You can just talk to us as always.

Please contact us for inquiries on e-discovery-specific ”Paper probative document scanning service (Paper Discovery)”
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