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Importance of digitization that does not transfer documents

Needs of “not to want to transfer documents”

In fact, so many litigant companies have the needs. Most of litigant companies we have related to did not want us to take their documents out of their office if possible.
The reason is simple. Digitization of all documents relating to a case is required in international litigation. Important confidential documents that become “company secret” and “documents in use right now” are of course included in them. Document transference to the outside of office is risk that might result in secret leakage and impediment to daily work. For this reason, litigant companies do not want to transfer their documents in their office as much as possible.
Even domestic transference evokes a sense of avoidance. Imagine if a paper discovery vendor in foreign country transports the documents abroad, the litigant company must feel more immeasurable resistance than you think.

Reasons litigant companies do not want to transfer their documents

  • Documents relating to company secret are include in it and there is a big risk of information leakage.
  • Staff often use the documents and it interferes with their operation if the documents are taken out.
  • In case of overseas transportation, expansion of information leakage and document unused time is expected.


Care for a sense of avoidance and expediency to litigant companies are thought of as important elements that determine the accuracy rate of order from discovery vendors.

Unique way to avoid transportation

There is only way to avoid transportation by considering litigant companies’ situation.

A way to avoid transportation of paper probative documents

On-site service

Use “Xebec’s on-site service”

To avoid transportation of paper probative documents considering litigant companies, scanning has to be done at their offices. That is to say, Xebec’s “on-site service” is the only way.
Xebec is well organized to send in-house professional “on-site” scanning teams to project anytime and anywhere. The teams can respond promptly to project request even beginning “tomorrow”.

Reasons why Xebec is good at “On-site work”

  • We are able to visit anywhere in Japan having many domestic bases.REASON01
  • Organized team, equipment and system necessary for on-site projectREASON02
  • In-house professional REASON03
  • Well-established management method of time and team necessary for REASON04
  • Established methodology to implement scanning in a short time surelyREASON05

Xebec has everything required to
“on-site work”

Xebec has reliable technology, knowledge, know-how and experience.
We will take care of digitization that does not transfer paper documents.

For more details about on-site work

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