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Strength of Xebec 01 Very familiar with e-discovery

Digitization service specializing in e-discovery

We provide “Paper Discovery Service (Paper probative document scanning service)” specialized in e-discovery.
With company’s globalization proceeding, more Japanese companies are penetrating into Western countries. Accordingly litigations involving Japanese company trend to increase, e-discovery vendors will have more opportunities to relate to Japanese companies. That is, there will be more responses to “Paper documents” that is specific culture of Japanese companies.

Why Japanese companies treat paper documents as important

Japan has a culture called “sealing”. It is affixing seal to target documents for showing the validity of important documents. This procedure is called “NATSU-IN” in Japanese. In Japan, most of important documents are left as “paper” because this procedure is very meaningful.

When we handle litigations involving Japanese company that has this special culture, it is necessarily to digitize “Paper probative documents” based on specification suitable for e-discovery.
On the other hand, there is little opportunity to meet paper documents in Western n nowadays, therefore many forensic companies do not have technology and know-how of digitization. Also, in Japan few companies understand what technology and care are demanded in paper probative document scanning service, and what they mean since we are not familiar with e-discovery system itself yet.
Nevertheless, Xebec has provided “Paper Discovery Service “Paper probative document scanning service)” since 2011.

Very familiar with e-discovery

E-discovery is a system that litigant parties present all of their evidence for smooth trial. An enormous number of evidences are collected in a suit. Digitization, classification, and association are for efficient search and browsing. Digitized evidential data is integrated into “Review platform” for attorneys’ review search and browsing.

Big difference between Xebec and other companies depends on whether you can understand a series of e-discovery and required care or not.
Xebec has approached e-discovery with many forensic companies, as professional of e-discovery-specific paper probative document scanning.

There are a number of “Possible cares only if you are familiar with e-discovery” such as if you can create data suitable for specification of platform demanded by each company, or if you know penalty when delay in presenting evidence. We promise to be responsible, give attention and provide easy-to-use deliverable as professional who is familiar with e-discovery.

EDRM:Electronic Discovery Reference Model


Merit to know well about e-discovery

  • Not only scanning documents but also understanding of “how we should scan”.
    Loadfile available for various types of review platforms
Please contact us for inquiries on e-discovery-specific ”Paper probative document scanning service (Paper Discovery)”
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