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International Litigation Support About Paper Probative Document Scanning Service (Paper Discovery)

What is "Digitization of Paper Probative Documents" ?

e-discovery-specific paper probative document scanning PAPER DISCOVERY

In Western civil litigation, specially U.S.A., litigant parties have to submit their evidential information to the court and disclose each other. For this reason, huge telltale data and documents need to be sorted in short term and adduced as appropriate electronic information. This is e-discovery system.
Most of documents are saved as electronic documents in Western countries, so it can be immediately adduced as evidence by collecting and sorting the electronic documents.
However, Japanese companies still give importance to paper documents. If they are involved in lawsuit, “Paper probative documents” should be digitized according to e-discovery system and sorted out in appropriate way to install on platform for attorney’s review.
This is “e-discovery-specific paper probative document scanning (Paper Discovery) “. Generally there are many companies providing document scanning service, but few have deep knowledge and experience of e-discovery, totally know desired moral and delicacy, and create loadfile corresponding to review platforms provided by companies relating to discovery.
Xebec provides “Paper Discovery Service”, one-stop service from document collection to loadfile creation and delivery, as a paper document scanning service provider that has faced international litigation and e-discovery support for a long time.

Paper Discovery Service Flow

We provide “Paper Discovery Service” according to the following flow.


Meeting and Planning

Before providing Paper Discovery Service

Meeting and Planning
For implementation of “Paper Discovery”, we will hold in-depth meeting with integrated discovery venders or litigation attorneys and draw up a proposal for handling. Outline of necessary probative documents and specification of review platform will be checked in detail then.

Xebec is here to help you

Please feel free to consult us concerning proposal for implementation plan, advance preparation for schedule execution, and emergency response. Our e-discovery dedicated team offers all services necessary for implementation using wide experience and know-how.


Paper Probative Document “Collection”

Paper Probative Document “Collection”
Our dedicated staff visits litigant company to collect and transport necessary evidential documents. Only Xebec, experienced in e-discovery, can conduct meeting and on-site direction with technical terms without hesitation.


Collected paper probative documents are transported to our scanning center. We scan all documents sheet by sheet, digitize it, and perform data classification and translation as appropriated. We prepare all information to be implemented on platform.

Loadfile Development

Coding&Loadfile Development
We convert all prepared data to source code for implementation on review platform. Along with coding data, loadfile is also created and delivered with description of data association.


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