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Difference between general scanning service and ”Paper Discovery service”

Today when people use PCs on a daily basis, there is very little we encounter paper probative documents in the field of e-discovery. So, it would appear that correct understanding about what kind of work is required to scanning for e-discovery (Litigation Scanning) is not pervasive among discovery vendors ordering scanning service.
These could be same "document scanning", but our "Paper Discovery" service differs from general scanning service in required work and deliverable itself to be delivered.
So, what is the difference specifically? We weigh "general scanning service" against Xebec's "Paper Discovery service (Paper probative document scanning service)" by seeing what kind of merit is generated by understanding the difference and ordering.

Difference between general scanning service and Xebec's "Paper Discovery service"

Comparison point 01

Gulf of understanding of work

There is a big difference in understanding of required work between general service providers and Xebec, a professional e-discovery support company. Another big difference occurs in work and performance provided to ordering party.

General scanning service

Just scanning paper documents

They can't imagine what kind of services is required because they have never been involved in e-discovery. If the service required by ordering party is implemented or not. The risk will be always around you.

Xebec’s “Paper Discovery service”

Configure and deliver optimal data with specification best suited to e-discovery

We implement the following steps in the best way and deliver the products as a "Paper Discovery service".

  • 1. Meeting
  • 2. "Collection" of paper probative documents
  • 3. "Transportation" securing confidentiality of information
  • 4. Scanning
  • 5. Coding and Loadfile development
  • 6. Delivery
Comparison point02

Consciousness of delivery deadline

Submission date for evidence is manifested in e-discovery. If you miss the date, you might be penalized strictly. Whether the service has these structures decides your risk.

General scanning service

Equal only to standard delivery deadline

They might not be able to understand that winning or losing might depend on whether delivery deadline is achieved or not
This lack of understanding on delivery deadline can be a big risk that unhinges your trust.

Xebec’s “Paper Discovery service”

Pursuing the fastest services in whole process comprehensively and achieving quick delivery

We never impose any risk by delayed evidence submission on ordering party.
We understand a meaning of why delivery deadline is set, our responsibility, and your risk as the professional e-discovery support company.
From first meeting to loadfile development, we always increase efficiency in whole process and try to achieve quick delivery.

Comparison point03

Availability of flexible response to review platform

Scanning paper probative documents is to digitize the documents, manage and operate them on review platform. This means that mission of a company that contracts for scanning is to create data to implement on review platform.
Specification of review platform differs from provider to provider. In the selection of a service you will use, you need to examine if the service can respond to these different review platforms.

General scanning service


General scanning companies don't have a function of programing that correlates necessary data and realizes a series of functions even if they can create image data.
For this reason, in general scanning service, it is impossible to do coding data necessary in e-discovery and create loadfile.

Xebec’s “Paper Discovery service”

It implements the service with appropriate specifications for each platform.

Xebec's "Paper Discovery service" is not just a scanning service.
It enables to correlate each data, do coding as a series of programs and create loadfile.
The most characteristic thing is our response capability to specifications set by each company. We offer appropriate loadfiles that meet specifications of review platform provided by each discovery-related company.

Comparison point04

Availability of flexible response to "on-site" service

Generally paper probative document scanning service offers from evidential document collection at litigant companies to scanning at scan center. However an increasing number of companies want to avoid transferring their documents outside even though these are evidential documents. Then "on-site" service meets their requirements. Without taking evidential documents outside, all processes for scanning can be done at litigant company's site. Availability of "on-site" service can be a feature demonstrating expertise and ability of the professional e-discovery support company.

General scanning service

Many companies are not

In most cases, general scanning service can't correspond to "on-site" work.
For "on-site" works, movable scanning equipments and well-prepared scanning teams are necessary. Also it can't be implemented without the technology and know-how.

Xebec’s “Paper Discovery service”

"On-site" service available anywhere in Japan

Xebec has built up more and more scanning projects at client's site (=on-site scanning projects) throughout company history.
To perform scanning at the client's site, we must possess not only movable scanning equipments, but also know-how to complete scanning surely in a short time.
These technology and know-how are our original properties we have accumulated throughout our company history. Xebec's "Paper Discovery service" was developed after the long history of company and hoard.


Using general scanning service in e-discovery is synonymous with increasing your risks.

Most of general scanning companies don't understand basis for e-discovery fully. Therefore it is highly likely that works and accomplishments needed by ordering party can't be produced.
We would have to say that this is a large and serious risk for you.
It may be said that which you should use, the general scanning service or the service by the professional e-discovery support company, is obvious.

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