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Toward secure document management

Xebec has improved sophistication of security and secrecy management over collected document as a specialized company of paper probative document scanning service (Paper Discovery Service).
We collect paper probative documents in the range of a few to hundreds boxes at a project, but it is clear that each piece of documents is confidential information. We have a duty to preserve security and secrecy of these all.
For comfortable use of “Paper Discovery Service” and each litigant company’s leaving evidential documents to us without any anxiety, Xebec is making an effort to improve security and safety quality every day.

Xebec’s security environment


Introduction of security system into each facility

Security system utilizing ID card is introduced into all offices and scan centers. Entering and leaving records of all staff and visitors are under the control of the system. Only people carrying appropriate ID cards are able to enter area controlled by Xebec.


Information leakage countermeasures practice and acquisition of “Privacy Mark”

Xebec acquires “Privacy Mark” as an indicator that expresses a standard of information confidentiality security. “Privacy Mark” is one of the most recognized information management certifications in Japan. It is a system to certify mainly “if environmental management for personal information protection is fully carried out”, and company with “Privacy Mark” is understood as the one implementing an appropriate information leakage countermeasures practice. Xebec acquired “Privacy Mark” in 2005. We provide peace of mind implemented by high level information leakage countermeasures.


Appropriate management by Litigation Support team

Xebec has a professional team for “Paper Discovery Service” with specialized knowledge of international litigation and e-discovery. The team is responsible for document management in the whole process including “collection”. This Litigation Support team has skills to accomplish sufficient knowledge and great awareness about e-discovery, and required works surely. They take responsibility for document management and work for information management quality that can meet client’s reliance.

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