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e-discovery-specific Paper Probative Document Scanning Service (Paper Discovery) 01 Paper Probative Document ”Collection”

Speedy “Collection” throughout Japan

“Collection” of documents is the first work of “Paper Discovery Service” (Paper Probative Document Service). We go to litigant company directly to keep and carry out necessary documents.
In the field of international litigation, especially e-discovery, due date for evidence is strictly set. If you cannot meet the deadline, you will face grave penalty that can determine winning or losing in court. That means the most important thing for e-discovery is “Promptness”.
Recently, more and more vendors are coming to Japan from Asian countries for paper probative document scanning projects. What is the point of spending time and cost for e-discovery projects demanding prompt action in unfamiliar environment.
We can achieve document collection more quickly, securely and at lower cost than any other companies in Asian countries because we have main office and branch offices all over Japan. Please be sure to utilize the merit for your projects.

“Collection” professional team offers service

Xebec forms “Litigation Support Team” consisted of experts to go to litigant company and perform necessary work promptly. The “Litigation Support Team” is a special team with specialized knowledge of international litigation and e-discovery. Not only communication with a person in charge of litigant company, necessary for paper probative document scanning, we will also have no problem with communication with attorneys and discovery vendors in English or technical terms used in international litigation. Besides, smooth flow cooperation of “packing”, “carrying” and “delivery” is essential for “collection”. Of course, when taking documents outside of company, specific care is also necessary, such as curing for protecting building from damage. We know how we need to take care and prepare. This is also our strength. You can definitely trust us.

Litigation Support team attends transportation

Generally, collected paper probative documents are transported to our scanning center where the digitization will be done. Moving paper probative documents is risky act bringing about leakage of confidential information. For the security reason, we offer system that Litigation Support team certainly attends transportation of collected paper probative documents.

“On-site” projects available

Xebec offers “On-site project” as an optional service which digitizes evidential documents without taking it out of litigant company.
Generally, collected paper probative documents are transported to our scanning center where the digitization will be done. However, there is a possibility that the evidential documents include highly-used documents, confidential documents and documents relating to company secret. No company wishes to increase risk of leakage by taking such important secrets out of the office. Xebec therefore provides service that completes all works of collecting, sorting and digitizing, using acquired on-site know-how.
On-site project is not for anybody with tools such as working vehicles, but for experts with acquired management know-how throughout long history of company.
Capability to offer on-site service proves that Xebec is “Paper Discovery Professional Company”.

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